Design Orthopedic Specialist Hospital

dc.contributor.advisorMutasem F. Baba
dc.contributor.authorMohannad Iyad Al-Shaka
dc.contributor.authorYasmine Fareed Sarah
dc.contributor.authorMais Nabeel Abu-Alhasan
dc.description.abstractHospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment with specialized staff and equipment. A district hospital typically is the major health care facility in its region, with large numbers of beds for intensive care and long-term care. In this project we redesign orthopedic hospital in east part of Nablus city. The need for such hospital is very vital because there is a  lack of the hospitals in that area and an urgent need for specialist orthopedic hospital due to the large number of accidents and surgeries related to bones and joints and prosthetic limbs. We designed the hospital to provide comfort for patient, visitors, and hospital staff, by taking into account the relation between departments and functions of all departments in hospital. The environmental design of the building emphasized on reducing energy needs for lighting, heating and cooling. This was done by improving windows to wall ration and shading of the windows of the building. In addition for structural design, we design it to be safe at any time especially when there is a war or natural disaster. Structural design considered to be one of the most critical aspects of the design process in any project, starting with choosing the suitable system for the design and ending with calculation and detailing. In our project and based on the requirement of  Orthopedic Specialist Hospital , one-way solid slab were applied to be design , The solid slab technique is a good choice when there are very heavy  loads or when extra fire resistance is required.The structure will be built on rock soil profile has a bearing capacity of 250 KN/m2. Finally, for mechanical and electrical system, they have been designed to ensure that provides the comfort without excessive consumption of energy, for example, the total heating and cooling were about 43.42 Kwh/m2. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have some of the most rigorous lighting requirements of any setting. Doctors and nurses must have clean, clear, bright light with superior color rendering to make accurate diagnoses, while warm, welcoming environmental lighting promotes a tranquil environment for patients and visitors.  From soft indoor lighting for patient areas to welcoming, safe parking areas and entrances, Cree is committed to delivering the best indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for healthcare applications. We recognize the importance of sustainable solutions that provide healthcare facilities with energy-efficient, high-quality lighting.  To get a helpful and useful allocation of the artificial lighting , Dialux 4.9 program were used in our analysis , six  different spaces were chosen to test .a targeted value of U (uniformity) and UGR shall be achieved for each space where U ranges between 0.6 - 1 and UGR should not exceed 19. Our Project consest of 8 semi symmetric blocks separeted by Shrinkage joints each (30-40)m. Some of blocks contains 3 floors with basement and some of them contains 4 floors with basement. The total area of ground floor is aproxemately 4200 m2 and there is a retreat in the upper floors, and the total area of the ground aproxemately 22,000 m2.    en
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dc.titleDesign Orthopedic Specialist Hospitalen
dc.titleDesign Orthopedic Specialist Hospitallar
dc.typeGraduation Project
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