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Kharma, Ameen
Shayeb, Sohaib
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Transportation in Palestine suffers from traffic jams, which makes it hard for the school bus to arrive in time, so it can get the students to their school. Also, students face a lot of difficulties to get to school in time each morning, where they go through a lot of dangers while waiting in streets for the bus especially in winter. Moreover, some students are going to be late to school or absent, which will cause a lot of troubles for the bus to get to other students to school on time. In order to solve this kind of problems and to guarantee the safety of the students, our application will provide a real time tracking of the bus movement on the map, each house will be surrounded by a highlighted area, so when the bus enters this area a notification will be sent to the parents’ device in order to make their child ready for the bus. Also, the parents will be notified about the bus being late in event of delays, traffic jams, mechanical issues or medical emergency, etc. For designing the user interface of our mobile application, we will be using one of the newest cross-platform frameworks which is react-native with JSX. For the back end we used NodeJs.