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Commercial center is the center in which economic, social, cultural, entertainment and administrative services, Common area is the total area within the commercial center that is designed for rental to investors, this project will contribute in bringing life to the region where our project will be construction and give new chance to businessmen to rental offices, markets, stores, etc. However, it gives that region new commercial life to take the economic benefits .The idea is to bring financial, business opportunities and to refresh the commercial business to that region. On another hand the increasing of population in many societies, and the need to have a place that have complex function are the aim at this time. This Multi-purpose Building will be designed typically and according to international building codes and as much as possible according to the shape and type closely reflect the city building system. In this introduction we will take about multipurpose building as it is our project, this project will be design in Nablus city, and will give a support for economic situation in this city. Multipurpose building in general is a building that contains many different functions such that stores, shops, restaurants and cafs, may have also cinema, offices and bowling lawn , The multi-purpose building is the perfect facility for all of human groups needs. Whether you need a large facility for a business meeting, or need a facility for your youth group gathering, that what we need at the multi-purpose building. Too many multi-purpose buildings are found since the beginning Renaissance of 1990s all over the world and this renaissance starts in our country in 2000s. From the governmental buildings of ministers branches that helps people to continue their papers to some schools buildings that contains branches for kids, youth, and teens in their different needs, also commercial building that have shops center, restaurants, and caf also a cinemas, more over the office buildings that contains clients, and laboratories at the sometime - which should have a special requirements- all these types are called multiparous buildings. From engineering view multiparous building is our chance to get an experience in designing multi-function spaces with their needs and to face the problems that may face us. These functions that we have in this project should be acceptable from architectural point of view by spacing separating and relationship in between, moreover the relation with site, also we should have the ability to solve the structural versus that may stand up. Earthquakes is the rising problem that faces our society in general so as we design a construction for people we should keep them safe in the building as much as possible. We design the building for peoples if it doesnt match with them, no need for design. Full Architectural Comfortable Design , Safe and Economical Structural Design , Suitable and Operational Mechanical Design , Comfortable lighting design For Human , Good ventilation and infiltration for Areas , Acoustical Design with low noise , special design for handicap people , all these concepts and other are our target in designing the multiparous building .