An Integrated Design For Nablus Municipality

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Arabasi, Sameh
Natoor, Obada
Essam, Ayyash
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In this project, we will talk about municipalities, which in turn are among the most important buildings in any city. The municipality provides many different services to citizens, including granting building permits and providing citizens with water and electricity. One municipality building that an architecture student proposed For Nablus city was selected for this graduate project. The site is located In Nablus-Rafidia with total area 3000 m2 and the built area is 3577m2 divided on 4 floors. The building includes 1215 m2 parking area. The research methodology for this study is based on literature review for standard and recommendation for such building, then studying at least one case study to understand how such building works and function. A different evaluation and computer simulation was used for structural performance, seismic design to ensure the building’s safety, as well as environmental and electrical matters, including the distribution of lighting, electrical switches, gates and mechanical, including sewage, fire and alarm systems, as well as sound systems in order to present the best integrated scenario for this building. In addition, pv-system was installed to fill part of the energy consumed. Finally, the cost of the project was fully and efficiently estimated to know the total project budget.