Luxurious villa

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Amr Hisham Zidan
Mahdi Imad Jallad
Yazan Imad Sinan
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The expression of personal and social identity in the house is so essential for those people who live in it. For many cases, the house represents the cultural environment to which the inhabitants belong to. In our project we discuss one type of residential buildings ;that is houses or Villas. The word house is used to express different meanings ranging from the place where we live and do our domestic activities, to the place of privacy where we express our desires . This project aims to create a luxurious and comfortable living environment for the residents of the Villa, and to introduce solutions that reduce the energy consumption of the house. The proper use of renewable energy will contribute in reducing pollution and thus helps improving the quality of life for the community. The main objectives thus of our project are to:- -provide Residential comfort. - Reduce the rate of pollution resulting from the use of energy. -Reduce the cost of energy demand. - Apply a number of principles of green design to introduce a friendly residential Villa  In our project, we planned studying and analyzing the many design elements of Villas and this usually includes architectural, structural, environment, mechanical, and electrical aspects of design. 
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