CPU Lab Simulator

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Kilani, Nael
Abo Salah, Mohammad
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The CPU Lab Simulator is basically to help Computer Engineering students in our department in the CPU Lab construction process by building the CPU using this project to give them the ability to check if the CPU will be built correctly. Computer Engineering students will be gain some benefits by using this project: the major benefit is detection the connections and implementation mistakes that may be facing them, it also gives them new and innovative ways to do their job and a feature of printing the connections after they did them. Developing the project would carry out as stages, in the first stage we will start with knowing the CPU construction stages and problems that students faced in previous years, and according to that the second stage will be building a simulator game by using the Unity3D cross-platform, it will be like a game that check if the design (connections and implementation code) will be correct or not before doing it in the real world. The final stage is testing with real data and users.