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Bara’, Dweikat
Mohammad, Ratrout
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Wasel (واصِل ) Website, as the name implies, it is a tool to connect. In particular, our project connects the various parts of the facility with its deanship, we’ve built a system that makes it easy to perform daily routine jobs in the faculty with ease and converting lengthy operations into a few clicks job. Wasel Website helps in two main areas: Reservations of halls either for exams or any other activity and Official Correspondence between the members of the faculty. Reservation system is covered to its little details, the authorized user can reserve a hall and add exam supervisors to a specific hall (in case of exams) and manage the whole required interactions. On the other side the assigned mentor can see the request and accept or deny. The Correspondence system gives the power of creating any official note and manages the way it flows across the involved user’s right until it reaches the deanship. We are proud to say that our project was put to test by the whole faculty which used it for reserving the final exams of this semester and we are glad to say that the feedback show that it worked perfectly.