Optimization of the Tilt Angle of PV System for Malaysia

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Al-Abaad, Sundus
massallha, Shorouq
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Solar energy is one of the best efficient in the production of electricity, Malaysia has also use solar panel for the generation of electricity, our study was in specific region so we chose the Kuala lampor city in Malaysia with Latitude:3.11, Longitude:101.97 , below the equator. Our graduation Project talk about how we can optimizing the tilt angle for PV system by using a specific calculation and apply it in MATLAB program, we take the data that we need in our calculation then we test the result at fixed tilt angle then we make this value as a range then we are optimizing the tilt angle that give the maximum solar energy comparing with the solar energy come from horizontal surface that done by considering the Liu and Jordan model for solar energy incident on a tilt surface. The results showed that for Kuala lampour the tilt angle of a PV array must be adjusted twice a year where the PV array must be slanted at 5 degrees in the period of wet season , while it must be horizontal (tilt angle is zero) in the period of hot season. This adjustment practice gain the energy collected by a PV array by 10.5% .