Design of a wastewater collection network for Urif Village

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Heba Daraghmeh
Mariam Sabbah
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Water is the most important substance for human body and every living organism to survive. Also water is essential for industrial, agricultural and domestic usage. High percentage of water will convert to waste water about (60%-80%).the traditional disposal method of wastewater is using soak pits, in this method the waste water will be stored in the pit for few days then must be transferred to another place since the volume of the pit is not so large .This method has a lot of disadvantages including high cost for both the operational and maintenance, also leaking may occur leading to enormous environmental issues such as bad odors and harm diseases. Because of these problems it becomes a need to use alternative which is waste water collection network. The study area for this network is Urif Village in Nablus governate, which dont have a waste water network. To start designing for this area some information are needed such as contour map, roads extract, building extract and regulations, water recourses, water consumption per capita per day, population data now and population for the design period  to evaluate the amount of waste water generated for each manhole. The software that was used in this project is basically the SewerCAD for designing and analyzing the network, also GIS was used.  
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