Green parking

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Saja M. Sawafta
Ayat daher
Ameera mousa
Maisa sawafta
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The New campus of An-Najah National University has many faculties. Although each of these faculties has its own parking and offices for its employees, An-Najah University is still in need for extra parking spaces and offices due to the increase in the number of employee every year. Therefore our graduation project is to design an environmental friendly parking which will be the first one in An-Najah National University to find an innovative solution that helps to mitigate such scarcity of parking lots on the new campus of NNU. The project presents an integrative design approach that involves structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, environmental aspect. The total area for the  parking is 1093 m2, the parking consist of 4 floors, and  one floor for classes, the maximum capacity of the parking is 100 cars. The structural design in our project had been analyzed and designed by using computer software (ETABS). A bridge was designed to connect the parking with the engineering faculty. The architectural design will focus on the elevation of the parking. In mechanical and environmental design, HVAC, water, sensors, sprinkler   and sanitary systems in the project will be analyzed. The electrical design will include designing power and lighting systems in the project All design and analysis details of the project will be documented in a report. In addition, the project will deliver shop drawing, which contain all design details and can be implemented in practice. At the end, this project will provide a unique, safe, and cost effective design of a parking in Palestine.
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