Analysis of The Current Water Network and Design a Water and Wastewater Network for 'Illar Town

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Ameed Nawaf Tayeh
Ahmad Khalid Kmail
Obada Hashem Zaid
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'Illar town is located 10 kilometers northeast of Tulkarm and had a population of 7456 inhabitants in 2017.On the road leading to the province of Jenin and at a height of 250-300 meters above sea level on a hill surrounded by mountains and valleys on three sides except for the west, which is a wide coastal area extending to the Mediterranean coast. Water does not reach some buildings in 'Illar town. This is due to population growth and expansion outside the structural plan and there are some problems that faces 'Illar town in the water network. The objective of this project is to analyze the existing water distribution network in 'Illar town. By layout the exits water network and analyze it by WaterCAD and re-design the water network for the future demand up to 20 years and calculate the cost to make sure to provide a good continuous supply of water for all junctions and to achieve an economic cost and the appropriate standards of the velocity pressure and enough flowrate for each junction. In order to achieve the above mentioned objective, data about 'Illar town will be collected, including (contours, roads and exist water network) from the municipality and general data about 'Illar town, Then make a questionnaire to collect further data regarding the study area and compare the results to make the best water network. 'Illar town doesn’t have a wastewater network, so the people in town still using the suction way to dispose their wastes by throw it in the valley out of the town. And most of them have a septic holes. There is a big environmental problem for people how lives there, due to the wrong way that used to disposal this wastewater and affects the ground water. So we designed a waste water collection network using SewerCAD program in order to dispose the town`s waste water safely. The most terrain of the town allows to use gravity conduit, to let the wastewater goes downwards from the top of the mountains to the outfalls, and this contributes to achieve the required constrains.