Health Clinic

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Yameen, Yazan
Amous, Rafeeq
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We are students of the Department of Building Engineering; we thank all the doctors for Helping and supporting us to reach this rank, who endeavored a lot to guide and lead the students and help them correct their paths .We are honored and pleased to thank the Department of Building Engineering and all the trainers in the department. A special mention goes to our supervisor, Eng. Alaa’ Shaheen and Dr. Mutasim Baba who was credited with helping us solve our problems. We are pleased to thank everyone who was involved in directing us to do the work, helping us and providing us with the required information. This report was written by Yazan Yameen and Rafeeq Amous in the Building Engineering Department of the College of Engineering at An-Najah National . University. It hasn't been altered or corrected, other than editorial corrections with supervision of Eng. Alaa’ Shaheen, because of assessment and it may contain language as well as content errors. The views expressed in it together with any outcomes and recommendations are solely those of the students. An-Najah National University accepts no responsibility or liability for the consequences of this report being used for a purpose other than the purpose for which it was commissioned. Our project is a redesign of a health clinic in Shwieka area in Tulkarem. Our effort in this project concentrated on making this clinic energy efficient, water efficient safe and comfortable for users and visitors. This project is an integrated project in terms of architectural, construction and environmental to suit the functional requirements of patients. Through building green spaces, minimize the overcrowding and ease the movement of patients between clinics through the using of mechanical systems such as elevators. Most important aim of the project it is to create a link of communication between clinic sectors by collected them in one place to make it easier for the patient to move without having to move long distances between clinics and laboratories. This is a new idea in the city where we do not have a project collected all clinics. A similar idea for the project through the research will be searched for the presence of similar buildings. And will discuss an environmental and architectural aspects, structural aspects, quantity surveying and cost estimations. Transformations with large imposed by building systems on the architectural design and environmental became design satisfactory buildings health complex process, Traditional Plans required construction spaces which are not enough to satisfy society desires and needs in many ways such as building insulation and energy saving electric, by using of solar energy as much as possible etc. and without prejudice to the requirements of different workplaces and others, it has become a top priority of the design process. From ancient time the phenomenon of innovation and development is strongly present in architectural design, environmental, there were continuous attempts at development in the building of clinics, medical clinics and mind to be equal and fits to Environment and construction standards required, in order to provide the best level of services in multiple medical specialties .Old medical clinics were a simple rooms bad from an environmental perspective because of a shortfall in identifying ideal design basics for medical centers Was not able to provide medical services to the perfect efficiency desired. With time they become care to establish it in accessible places to everyone, But with prosperity and development of cities and increase census, it becomes annoyed, but must take into account the availability of areas for calm and to provide psychological comfort and health of patients and doctors too. From here we got the clinics complex project is a draft proposal to solve the problem misallocation clinics and lack of coherence career among them, to compile the largest possible number of medical clinics variety of different disciplines and centers laboratory analysis and work to design integrated design of all aspects of environmental, architectural, construction, electrical and mechanic according to standards and building codes approved.