Hajj &Umrah E-Guide

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Younis, Roba
Jitan, Duha
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Hajj &Umrah E-Guide Is basically a website and a mobile application targeting all people in general and pilgrims especially. we collect all of thing that may be pilgrim needs. It allows the user to follow up the latest offers that specify for hajj travels. Moreover, it can be used during hajj as a real-time guide, that will get all the necessary steps that are required to perform Hajj by making Hajj tracker, based on day and location ,It also allows to help people to show hotels in mecaa and medina and provides users all information about hotels such as services ,price and so on and app offer a complete package of trips with different date and user can book for any hotels or package what he want.it also provide a Traffic update feature by connecting with users through notification if emergency or traffic accident happens, the user can know about it. The app provides, Lost and Found Services by using GPS feature if anyone lost Through that draws you a map for the nearest locations it .also finds the interest places such as a restaurant, hospitals. in addition to we add a notification feature to make our app more flexible. Also we design a website for the office so it can manage all hajj and Umrah trips dynamically by showing the offers which include hotels and prices, the features of each hotel, the services it provides, then book hotel ,and communication between responsible person if there is need for it, it will provide information on the shrines and religious places they want to go to it. We develop this application in order to work on mobile devices so we use a mobile development language and for the web application part we will use HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS for developing front-end and php, MySQL database for back-end of the web application.