Design of gas leakage detection system

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Jehad Hamdan
Motaz Hindyh
Owais Abd-aljawad
Malik Eshtayah
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Every day in this world occur several accidents of the fire and asphyxias and explosions due to the gas devices, which it causes the death of nearly two and a half million people each year around the world. House safety is important of our life, and the main cause of dangerous is gas devices, cooking gas is the most popular fuel in our houses, sometimes firefighters cant control the fire when they couldn't reach to gas source, a lot of people killed by gas source, in restaurants and hotels, the control operation of the gas devise valve will eliminate these problems.Controller of gas leakage system is work automatically at a certain concentration of gas so when the gas leakage occur their concentration start increasing in air and when the concentration excess the certain limit the transducer calibrated on it, the system is operate and the actuator start up (motor-in our situation) to close the source of gas and also operate the alarming to alert the people in place of the leakage  through audio-visual indications that gas leakage occurred in danger amount and the system operated and the source gas is closed.v   The controller of gas leakage system consist mainly of the following components:  Measurement system: design and produce transducer that detects the gases.  Actuator system: design the way that connect the actuator to the valve of the gas.  Safety indicator system: design and produce alarm device (through audio-visual Indications).  Control system to operate all the component to gather. In order to produce a control of gas leakage system the following steps will be followed. First step research and information collection, a research operation should be achieve to collect larger information about the gases and all component of the system. Second step produce measurement system (transducer), to achieve this step the transducer will be calibrated to active the actuator before the danger limit. Third step is design and produce actuator, the operation of the actuator (motor in this system) must be safely without cause any danger. Fourth step is design and produce an alarm device, it should be gave a people in place an indication about status of system. Last step all component will be connected and interface together. Note that all the design will be achieve through the software, and the experimental application will be in graduate project two.     This project hadnt been done before and there is no similar one exactly, but there is some applications which have similar ideas and parts of this project but not a complete device for the gas cylinder, such as the transducer of the gas detection, which is called oxygen gas detector or the sensor of fire extinguishing.