Wireless Communications Multiple Access Techniques

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Mahdi Nazmi Alssadah
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We see that beyond the developing of wireless communication system and the transition from generation to the next one there are so many technologies to be developed so that the total performance of the system enhanced in certain aspects but you have to pay for this enhancement in other aspects. One of these technologies is the multiple access techniques. Now in this research we will make detailed comparison between two multiple access methods (TDMA VS CDMA) in time and code domains in Additive White Gaussian Noise channels (AWGN channels). TDMA has been used for many years and its features are well-known. Characteristics of code division multiple accesses (CDMA) and its advantages over TDMA are studied in this research. The following points are used as criteria to compare the performance of the two techniques. Delay.Throughput.Packet loss.Bit error probability.Capacity.  This is considered as performance parameters, are evaluated and computed for data and voice traffics. Capability of CDMA in noticeable improvement in the performance of CDMA over TDMA when features of spread spectrum techniques are taken into consideration