Production of dry cleaning: Technical and Safety prospective

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Lubbadeh, Raghad
Abu Salameh, Safaa
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Abstract Dry cleaning, which is also known as dry washing is a process of cleaning clothes and textiles in which chemicals and solvents are used instead of water. Some of these chemicals are hazardous and are harmful for the environment and the people to use in the daily life. The main aim of this project is to prodce a local dry cleaning detergent. And up to our knowledge is not manufactured in West Bank. Environmental impact assesment for the production process was carried out. Based on open literature published on dry cleaning formulas, several samples were prepared under different operating conditions such as mixing methods, reaction time, formulas and concentrations. The efficiency of the prepared samples as compressed spray and wet wipes was carried out to check its ability to remove oily dirt from clothes. Raw materials cost for a liter of dry cleaning detergant was estimated to be 14 NIS. It was found that the samples with one hour reaction time, without using boiling chips, (80%-70%) TCE concentrations had the highest efficiency and 60% TCE concentration had acceptable efficiency compared with other samples. This result obtained by using a subjective test.