Agricultural robot

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Omar Azamtta
Mahmoud Qaysia
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Agriculture is the largest sector in the Palestinian economy, so the idea of our project will be in this part. After a deep research, it was found that the agricultural sector lacks the minimum comfort components that save effort and time for Palestinian farmers. Smart farming methods have evolved rapidly in recent years due to their importance in saving time, effort and ease of use in any agricultural facility. However, there is no manufacturing in Palestine, only import. This project will propose the first model of the smart agricultural system in Palestine, which should contain the basic elements of any agricultural system, and then develop it into a model that meets the market needs. Relying on control principles, electronics, microcontrollers, various programming types of hardware and software, power systems, and built-in knowledge of engineering to provide a business model ready for manufacturing. Among the processes will be multiple steps such as handling low power systems then mechanical control and compatibility of the system for optimum operation and setting the basics to obtain the best product for the application. As far as noted, there is no any similar idea to this on the ground in the facilities. But simple conventional farming systems are flooding the markets required for every facility and can be combined with access control systems that indicate their importance locally or globally. In general, the main output of this project will be a smart agricultural system that can be versatile and easy to apply and use in the field for which it is designed.