Divided Palestine to Development Planning Regions

In planning, the operation of determining regions is one of the most important tasks that regional planning considers where development plans depend on, in order to perform its work taking into account the national, regional and local planning levels under the main framework of the country. The importance of this research appears clearly in that it is such an unprecedented step to determine development planning regions in Palestine which depends on national development plans. Because of the lack planning in regional level and non existence of the determinant regions that are built on specific and clear studies, where Palestine was divided recently to regions that are not effective to be development regions. Also, these studies where not based on specific scientific methodologies that take into consideration the variables that effect on the operation of dividing and determining regions. The research started studying the new methods and tools that help in classifying and determining regions using a methodology to construct the National structure to development regions . The research determined the problem and proposed previous Arab and international experiences in this field. It gives a high level to the importance of determining the development regions in the national level eliminating the political considerations. So, as an assumption, there is a full control on land boundaries in 1967. This study was applies and covered on west bank without Gaza strip because it is considered as one region, which is not able to be divided. The research involves studying the factors and variables that effect on determining the most appropriate locations for regions. The methods and theories that are currently applied and used as national standards in dividing and determining the national structure of national development regions were displayed. After that, a recommended methods constructed of natural, economical, social, functional, and structural development indicators was proposed to determine the Palestinian development regions. These methods result in sub-development regions to be combined as finalized development regions. This is done through defining development goals of studied aspects by virtue of the Palestinian development plan (2014-2016). Giographig Information System (GIS) was used in the analysis, , classification and compilation of data and indicators as one of the modern techniques that help solve this problem. In addition, scientific statistical tools are used to study the relationship between these indicators. This research has resulted in put an integrated mechanism to complete the process of identifying the regional units within a vision consistent with the Palestinian national development vision using modern methods and a methodology that can be used in determining the planning units at different levels. Also, As a result of this research, Palestine was devided into five development planning regions, the northern region includes the governorates of (Jenin, Nablus, Tulkarm, Qalqiliya, Salfit, Nablus) , the middle region includes the governorates of( Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Jericho), the southern region includes the governorates (Bethlehem, Hebron) and the costel region includes all the governorates of the Gaza Strip