Coverage of Hikmat-Almasri Stadium

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Darawsheh, Aseel
Sunjuq, Aseel
Mhanna, Reem
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Hikmat Al-Masri Stadium located in ‘An-Najah National University’. It accommodates for (3000) people. This project aims to establish a coverage for ‘Hikmat Al-Masri Stadium. This Stadium suffers from direct, bright sun rays & rain, and so this causes a great problem especially while organizing the university important activities and concerts. This project aims to design a coverage to protect this area from the sun & rain, it also has to provide an effective lighting system besides acoustics system to distribute the sound equally all the area around. All the previous have to be achieved without affecting on architectural vision. The methodology to achieve project objectives starts with a full research about coverage projects standards in terms of architectural, structural and the environmental bases. Moreover, analyzing some case studies for similar ideas and comparing it with the standards. Also, it is important to analyze the site data to accomplish a comprehensive design for the structure that fits with the previous three main bases. Design limitations starts with the phenomenal site orientation which in turn defines a reverse sun path for coverage projects like this also the stadium has to be seen and clear from’ The Main Square’ despite the coverage which represents the main problem. Also, submitting an optimum-cost project which deals in practical parts for entering and controlling, local or imported. The main obstacle of this project is that the coverage could reach a very high altitude, the long distance and wide opening area to allow the top view from the main square. All these factors affect the design method. This project will be submitted with all the drawings and design assumptions.