Estimating pavement maintenance priority using computer vision (Road Services)

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Imair, Areej
Osamah, Shima
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Pavement Maintenance Index (PI) is used by the Palestinian Municipalities to measure the priority of the roads to be maintained based on the Operation Maintenance Manual (OMM). it depends on four indicators: Pavement Condition index (PCI), Importance of the Road (I), People Complains (C), and Functional Classification of the road (FC). PCI is usually calculated by experts from civil engineering domain based on visual inspection of the road .other parameters are classified according to pre-defined scaled and provided by Palestinian Municipalities. In our project we will proposed a system to estimate the value of PI in two steps as follows : 1-estimating the value of PCI using computer vision techniques on behalf of experts using image processing techniques . 2-calculating the value of PI based on the resulting PCI and other three indicators based on Machine learning techniques. We plan to design a mobile application based on proposed system that perform the following : 1- Any user can take a photo of the road then the system calculates the PCI value of the captured system. 2- The user can request the I,C and FC values from the database municipalities remotely. 3- In case of upsets of the internet the user can load the required data from municipalities to be able to work offline in the target location. 4- The application can be used to calculate the value of PI based on the four indicators. The system can be designed in a way that the user captured the image in the location and upload the image to a system with the information of the road such as (Name of the road ,its number and where its locate ) in the municipalities were everything performed there this if the mobile is not connected to internet. if the mobile is connected with internet the mobile application will analyse the photo details and calculates the value of PCI and send it municipalities server where it also have the three other indicator. This project is based on graduation project from civil engineering department, which we will upgrade it in order to make their idea applicable through a mobile application, which will be used by municipal employees. And that would cut short a big part of the maintaining operation which is first step is to prioritized the roads