Planning and Conceptual Design for Roads in the Physical Plan of Al-Zababdeh Town

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Ammar Hinno
Obada Haseeba
Mohammad Z. Sha'ar
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Al-Zababdeh town is located in the northern part of the West Bank, about 15 km away to the south east of the city of Jenin. It becomes larger and larger due to its importance with respect to the existing the nearby Arab American University. Its current population is 4,227 Capita, and there are about 1,500 students and employees at the Arab American University who stay in Al-Zababdeh. Al-Zababdeh Town was established on an ancient hill. Its terrain varies from level at the northern regions, to mountainous at southern regions. The physical plan of Al-Zababdeh Town which shows its land use, existing and required facilities until 15 years later, the expanded borders of town, the existing  roads and the relation between the town and neighboring areas. The plan was expanded from 465 Dunum (at 1999) to 1723 Dunum (at 2005). This expansion was so important due to the increase in population of Al-Zababdeh and the existing of the Arab American University. There is a number of existing facilities in Al-Zababdeh including three schools, one Institute, five medical clinics and three pharmacies, in addition to the nearby university. Al-Zababdeh town is served by an internal road network which is not completely paved. There is a regional road that connects AL-Zababdeh with the neighboring areas. In addition, this project aims to find a solution to the problems noticed on these roads, which constitute part of physical plan of Al-Zababdeh. Relevance of project: 1)       Al-Zababdeh town needs to expand; therefore it needs to annex land adjacent to it. This additional land needs a new land use plan including new roads. It is important to consider what roads should be in this new land use plan. 2)      There were problems in the roads of the old physical plan, which need to be modified. 3)      During intifada, many people built within streets right of way. These streets should be studied in order to determine what could be done to solve the problems. Objectives: To study the expansion of Al-Zababdeh town and its future roads needs, in addition to the existing roads in the old physical plan, and develop suitable solutions and alternatives for the roads, in order to plan and design the new needs roads and redesign, if needed the existing roads in order to make them implementable.