Seniors Assistant & Seniors Assistive Launcher.

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Qawariq, Rahaf
Abbadi, Ru’a
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As seniors smartphone ownership is on the rise, App developers don't consider elderly users may be missing a crucial segment of possible consumers. Older adults face unique challenges when using smartphone apps, since physical and cognitive abilities change with age. Therefore, we chose to design an application Seniors Assistive Phone- for seniors, to enable them to use the mobile phone in a simple and easy way with simpler launcher showing the basic features with clear shortcuts and fonts. and to remind them of the specific medications they need to take at certain times of the day, and show their history of taking the medicine. And also with life-saving features which is fall detection for seniors that is prone to falls, and tracking location feature connected to another device for patients with dementia and Alzheimer's. The application will also notify them to drink water and with daily notifications with Psychological support phrases and advices for healthy eating appropriate for their age. And will show some appropriate exercises for them such as relaxation and going for a waik. In the development process, we will use React-native to build this cross-platform application. The features represented in this application can be found in other ones but we will make them easy and simple to use by seniors in one application by using a simpler launcher showing the basic features with clear shortcuts and fonts.