Ergonomic Assessment of Design Features of School Bags

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Alaa Alawneh
Dana Jaber
Saja Mlitat
Wesal Salama
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This study investigated the weight of school bag (ratio) and musculoskeletal symptoms related to school bag carriage on primary and schools in West Bank district.  The purpose of the present study was to determine the relationship between musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and school bag carriage in the schools.    A cross sectional study, using random sampling method was conducted between 2012 -2013.   1000 student (males and females) grades "1-10", Governmental, Private, and UNRWA schools correctly filled out a questionnaire with closed-ended questions. Each students weight and full backpack weight were measured. The results revealed that the mean full schoolbag weight was between "1.2-7.5" with 3.5 mean kg; the mean percentage of full school bag to body weight was 9.23%. Also for pain related to carrying schoolbag; the highest Complaint of students was the shoulder pain, then back pain, and neck pain.