Planning and Redeveloping Cities’ Entrances The Case Study of the Eastern Entrance of Tulkarem City

The main aim of this study is to spread the awareness and grab the attention on this neglected significant element of the city which is the city entrance, when most of the government potentials goes to the city CBD and its surroundings. The first image taken by any visitor to the city about the city is through its entrance and here goes to the importance in paying attention on the cities’ entrance to reflect a good and a right image about the city so that the visitor will not draw untrue or bad perspectives about the city or the community living in that city. Moreover, this study is a good reference for any development projects concerning the cities’ entrances in Palestine at the first place which shows the steps which must be taken in order to reach the development proposed plan for the entrance. This study took the eastern entrance of Tulkarem city as a case study. It includes studying the formation of the present entrances of the city through the history to see in what form or use they were on, determining the entrances and analyzing their data after collecting them from the field survey, evaluating the entrances based on their SWOT analysis to come up with the entrance which has the most opportunities to be optimized and has a lot of problem to be resolved, at the end proposing projects according to the chosen approaches or images which the entrance will reflect.