Cloud ++

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Refai, Ata'
haj yousef, Leena
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Our project is a platform to facilitate programming courses, and home works of the Computer Engineering Department, that contains the following components 1. Online IDE supports many programming languages like: C++ , java, Python, C#, HTML,CSS and JavaScript. Each student has a profile allows him to train and run simple programs . This also allows a student to store files within a project and retrieve them later, even more download projects and files on their devise. 2. Doctors create courses and home works within a course, they can specify dead line and test cases for a homework. The student later solve the homework and run it to check for errors then submit it against test cases . 3. Admin: admin can add or remove students and doctors , even more modify information refers to users and courses. In addition , students can be added to a certain course and this process can be done manually or by selecting an excel sheet that contains student data