Nablus Archaeology

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Hjab, Ahd
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Location: The suggested site is located at the CBD of Nablus, It is one of the archaeological sites in Nablus. The amphitheater of Nablus was superimposed on the circular of an earlier hippodrome. Concept: There but NOT there, to add value but not mass. On one hand, the city center is very crowded, it looks like a forest of buildings, thus it needs a BREATH, the suggested project came to achieve that. The nature slides overneath the body of the site, the whole project is bordered with a green belt of trees and the green roofs have been designed to full fill the BREATH need. By the other hand, the project shows the integration and interaction. Firstly, the time integration and interaction, it’s a link between past, present and future. Secondly, the spatial integration and interaction, the relation between solids and voids. Thirdly, the functional integration and interaction, how the archaeological, recreational, cultural and commercial needs gathering. Finally, the integration and interaction in livable space, the relation and gathering between pedestrians, nature and vehicles, so the project created to be a Public Space for Pedestrian. Main functions: • Small Shopping Mall. • Shopping Activities. • Public Square of 1500 m² area. • Museum. • Amphitheater. • Office Building. • Public Spaces. • Ambulance, Bikes and Pedestrian Routs.