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Shreim, Adel
awartani, Khaled
Quzmar, Yusuf
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‏ My graduation project in general is a website about a gym for bodybuilding, fitness and a healthy body. ‏ The site divided into several sections, the first section is the user page, which contains the types of exercises, a personal page for the user, the types of good trainers according to the types of exercises, the method of payment and subscription, and a page of advertisements and discounts ‏ The second section is the trainer's page, which contains the appropriate exercises that the trainer can train according to his specialization, as well as the names and details of the participant. ‏ The third section is the manager's page, which contains all of the above with the possibility of modifying all the data, such as changing a coach, adding exercises, knowing the type of subscription. ‏ The idea of the project was inspired by the lack of a website that helps facilitate the process of subscribing to sports clubs, as well as helps to know the types of exercises in sports clubs, and to know the subscription prices without the need to visit the club