Invoice Plane In Palestine

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Ashayer, Rawan
Ishtawi, Mai
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With the increase in population and increase the num- ber of bills paid by one person, there are new problems found for example : the method of delivery the bill to users, the payment of the invoice in the institution and stand in a queue of people, which leads to loss of time, loss of the text of the invoice in case of paper delivery. Because of this type of problem, we found a website that helps user track the dates of payment the invoices through the arrival of the invoice pdf to the user, user can pay through PayPal, user know the Quote, products o ered by the company and the last time to display. If an invoice, Quote or new product is sent by admin to user ,user receive noti cation the name and amount of the bill, the admin can remind the user to pay the bill before the deadline by sending an email to user. for designing the user interface of our website, we will used html , css, JavaScript. For the back end php.