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Shtayeh, Duha
Boreeni, Shahed
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Palestine Guide Is basically a website and an android mobile application targeting Palestinian people in general. We collected all the information about each place in the Palestinian cities so that we can offer a full guide which suggests places depending where you like to go. It suggests places to the users as the user specify the features that he/she want in the place desired. Moreover, it can be used as a normal guide to look up places in each city , the website provide full information and features about each place .also it provides a map to show each place location , ,It also allows to help people to see hotels, restaurants ,playgrounds , entertainment places, museums , Archeological and Historical Sites in Palestine and rate each place . the application displays charts to show the users the highest rated places and notify the users whenever new places is added .Moreover it allows the user to chat among themselves . We develop this application in a responsive manner in order to work on mobile devices so we use a mobile development language and for the web application part we will use HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS for developing front-end and php, MySQL database for back-end of the web application. The PalGuide application is a full guide for any Palestinian who wants to know about any place in Palestine and it suggests new places for you.