Integrated Design of Academic Library

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Odai BaniOdeh
Ali Khuffash
Kassab Jaber
Bader Bozeyh
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       The project is designing a library building at the Arab American University of Jenin (AAUJ). We are interested in such project, because the university campus lacks an independent library, and because of the continuously increasing number of students that need more studying and reading rooms to absorb their huge numbers, moreover the Arab American University proposed this project to be to build by 2018.      Different aspects have been covered in this project such as architectural, environmental, structural, mechanical and electrical aspects.      The methodology of the design mainly consists of literature review, local and international case studies analysis, and design an academic library.      The project had been done before in other universities which will help the researchers in collecting some needed data, but in the AAUJ campus this is the first library, we hope that this design scheme will be applicable in the near future.
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