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Shanteer, Lamees
Abdelkhaleq, Yasmeen
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Education is essential and has a significant impact on community members. However, many students feel bored from the existing methods of education. This affects their academic achievement, quality and quantity of information that they receive. And in the age of information technology, smart phones are used to make the learning process easier and more enjoyable. In this project we will develop an android mobile application and website to make the educational process at the Palestinians universities more attractive and to help students by educational methods in a dynamic, interactive way that encourages the listening, thinking, and reading skills. So this will help students obtain the required educational concepts in an interactive manner. And keep the teacher in touch with students by giving him the ability to add or delete the chapter in addition to edit the content of the material. We choose ” English for the work place” course because English is very important for students in their social and work life after university, as this course is usually taught in the last year at university. This application will shows the material in more interesting way than the book does. In addition it is easier for student to put the material in their pocket than to hold a heavy material in their hands.