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Tabanja, Tajalli
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Reasons for choosing this project: (problems and their relation to the surroundings). 1. There is no media organization in Palestine that has information and content that can compete with the contemporary media content. 1. The efficient media organizations in Palestine all have a political related background; therefore, there is no freedom in expressing thoughts and ideas. As a result, the city needs media organizations which support spreading social contemporary ideas and not just political ones. 3. The existence of a huge media organization in Nablus affects the integrity of media and the freedom of expressing thoughts and ideas, especially for the youth. 4. Technical improvement will help create better media content. The challenge is to be able to create media content with the best possible quality. Concept The media figure is an inspector who finds different facts. This is represented through visual communication with the outside and the transparency of the facades. Inspecting and monitoring the events happening in the city is what influenced creating a sky studio Analyzing the topography of Nablus city (mountains) and reflecting that shape in all of the floors. This was achieved by emphasizing the shape of the floors, creating steps in the building and twisting them from the bottom to the top. The media figure is someone who exposes the real truth (inspector and not just publisher). The media figure keeps track on the events and what happens. He finds out the truth and exposes it. The project is a translation of the topography of Nablus city and Beit-Wazan area considering that Nablus is basically a mountain with recessed steps and obvious contour lines. The project simulates the nature the way it is without adding any shells. This is the kind of media we need. It exposes the truth and does not change it in any way. To reflect this concept, the building maintained the abstractive shape of the recessed floors and emphasized the shape of the floors. The building starts from the ground floor and goes up vertically. This is a sustainable solution for huge projects. This way, we can increase the amount of green area surface unlike most of the buildings in the city, which cover most of the site area with built surface. The twist in the building offers simple dynamic effect to it. This shape will be unique and different from the horizontal lines used in Nablus city which will create a new visual challenge. Structure of the building As for the structure, the project is a composition of steel and concrete. The circulation in the building is achieved by adding a main shear wall in the middle of the tower. In addition to steel pipes on both ends of the masses that extend from the floor to the top of the building, this helps hold the building together. The advantage of the twist is that it reduces the wind load effect on the building of about 25%. Thus it reduces the earthquake effect. The rotation between each floor and the other is 2.5 degrees