Cancer Hospital

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Doleh, Ameed
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Project Location: The project is located in Roujib because it is close to all the villages in the city of Nablus The idea of the project is to build a hospital that is different in design than usual. The idea of the project was to change the idea of patients and the public about the reality of hospitals and not to feel that this hospital is only a place to be treated. It is a place where the patient feels that he only needs a recovery for a period of time To heal the fastest way. The project aims at embracing nature, and nature also embraces it by increasing the green cover and increasing the size of the openings that connect it naturally. Also use the green cover in the corridors and places of movement and the rooms of the patients to generate the element of life in it .. The use of the courtyard to provide the element of safety in the arms of nature and the gradient in the height is gradient In the process of healing treatment for healing