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Adnan Amer
Kholood Obaid
Dina Shhadeh
Saja Zaid
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Safety is the state of being "safe" , the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational, or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents ,harm, or any other event that could be considered non-desirable. Health and safety is one of the most important aspects of an organizations smooth and effective functioning. Good health and safety performance ensures an accident free industrial environment. With the continuous and untiring effort of various legislative authorities as well as NGOS. Organizations have started attaching the same importance to achieve high OH&S performance as they do to other key aspects of their business activities.A high priority for the OHSAS is ensuring patient safety and minimizing staff absence due to incidents and work-related illness. Our project aim was to evaluate whether it was possible to reliably measure change in health and safety performance when a formal health and safety management system was introduced to al carton national company. The aim was supported by three objectives which is:The first objective was to design a health and safety performance measurement methodology. This included a new method, developed by OHSAS team, for assessing costs, and health and safety management system root causes of reported incidents that met a predetermined set of inclusion criteria. This quantitative data was supported set of programs and check lists that was prepared by our team.The second objective was to design and implement a health and safety programs to measure the change in health and safety performance. The OHSAS requirements was developed in our project to measure health and safety performance was used to establish a base line of health and safety performance. The third objective was to evaluate the use of a health and safety management system manual, developed by our team. Use of this was intended to improve health and safety management performance. It was issued to selected staff from participating, who were asked to use it. manual users were monitored by interviews and visual inspection of manual. This manual should be reviewed periodically to fit with environment changes. The results from the performance measurement methods showed that the risk control system of risk assessment was the major source of management root causes. These root causes were associated with planning, implementing, measuring and reviewing of the management system. Therefore improvements in the planning and implementation of risk management should be a priority for action within the OHSAS.  
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