HHO Generator Kit For Car

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Mohammad Qanadilo
Mohammad Al-Bzoor
Lo'ai Khayyat
Ameer Alaswad
"Mohammad Yassin" Tanbour
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AbstractMust find an alternative fuel works to alleviate the consumption, in fact we consume most of the income in fueling the car, and we need to improve the fuel, which plays a vital role, and the world at present means of environmental pollution, cars give decomposed harmful substances such as CO, NOx, HC and so forms of smoke, all these substances affect on the performance of the engine as well as the environment.Our project is depend on the water that is one of the free resources, depending on this we converted the water to hydrogen and oxygen by using HHO generator, where hydrogen is separated from the oxygen through the technique depends on the Electrolysis of water. it is then introduced into the system of the car, after the air filtering system and before the engine.Have become a cross between HHO ignition to fuel ignition and therefore extra energy added by HHO percent of the full-burning fuel leads. And after make the experiment we noticed that there is a small difference on fuel consumption, on the other hand we realized that the pollution and emissions of harmful and toxic gases has decreased, and the number of engine cycles and engine torque has increased, although we did not achieve what we wanted, but have made a part of it.