Businessmen forum in Nablus

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Abd-Albaqi, Mahmoud
Atallah, Yazeed
Dawood, Osama
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Nablus Businessmen Forum; It is a civil institution, which was founded by the grand efforts of many businessmen working in the private sector, in the city of Nablus. With a vision built on the necessity of promoting the economic reality, which Nablus city faces, as well as, opening new horizons for the private sector. This included, indulging foreign investments, creating cooperative relations and commercial exchanges with different economic sectors in the region and around the world. In this project, the main premises of the forum will be redesigning in many aspects such architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design depending on global and local standards. The goal of this; is to create a comfortable building for use. Relevant Computer programs will be used such as AutoCAD, Etabs, Revit, Dialux, Design Builder, INSUL and Ecotect. The architectural design will cover the required spaces in terms of administrative, halls, services, entrances, car parking and other requirements. The location and individual capacity of the building will of course be all taken into consideration in regards of the study of the architectural design. The structural design, there is going to be a detailed description of the structural systems adopted in the entire building. Furthermore, there will be testing for the columns, beams and slabs; whether they are appropriate or not regarding the overall design. As for the environmental design, appropriate natural ventilation will be studied, as well as, natural light, and voice distribution in the building, as is most convenient for the people working in it. The mechanical design will focus mainly on the supply of mechanical heat, in the summer and winter, using HVAC system. As for the electrical design, it will include the appropriate artificial light distribution, in every space of the building.