Crafting Area -the Industrial Transportation Impacts of in Nablus City

dc.contributor.advisorKhaled Al-Sahili
dc.contributor.authorNajeeb Masri
dc.contributor.authorMontaser Shaheen
dc.contributor.authorMohammed Hamami
dc.description.abstractThe Transportation system has obviously developed to become one of the most important roles for the development of culture, economy, and industry of any country around the world.          Many organizations and agencies exist to plan, design, build, operate, and maintain the transportations systems. Transportation planning is a field involved with the selection of projects for evaluation, assessment, design and location of transportation facilities. The transportation planner begins by defining the problem, gathering and analyzing data, and evaluating various alternative solutions. This happens by investigating the physical feasibility of a project and making comparisons between various alternatives to determine which one will accomplish the task at the lowest cost where such a task should be consistent with other criteria and constraints. However, transportation design involves the specifications of all features of the transportation system so that it will function smoothly, sufficiently, and in accordance with physical laws. The design process results in a set of detailed plans that can be used for estimating the facility costs and for carrying out its construction          There is economical and industrial development in the Palestinian cities, which is observed in cities expansion and constructing and developing projects. Due to developing such projects; they will produce (generate) new vehicles on the roads.  These developments could create impact on the local roads and nearby roads, which are not planned to deal with this increase in number of vehicles that are produced by the users of these projects. Therefore, there is a need to assess the traffic impacts of such projects.          In recent years, the volume of traffic in Nablus city has increased significantly. However, experts expect more growth in the future, especially in the eastern regions; various projects are expected to take place there such as the industrial/crafting area, sports city, etc.   This will create new activities and will generate new traffic in the area.         Based on the above, traffic studies are needed to evaluate the traffic impacts that will be produced from the Industrial area, which is under construction, because it may increase the congestion on the roads that are close to project.       The effects of the Industrial Crafting Area Project in Nablus on the road network was discussed and evaluated in this project.         The main objective of this study is to find the traffic impact of the Industrial Crafting Area Project on the system of roads around it.  And this includes evaluating current traffic operations conditions and estimating the traffic to be developed by Industrial area when it is completely built.  The study will examine the range of capacity of roads in order to assess the impacts of the new developing traffic operations. On the other hand, it will describe how this project will affect the nearby roads. After that, solutions will be suggested to find the best alternative one, which can solve the problems that will be produced.       This project is divided into two major parts, the first part will focus mainly on data collection and analysis of existing conditions with an estimate of traffic to be generated by the facility. In the second part, suggestions and designs will be made. This requires estimates of future developments and the associated traffic to be generated using the available planning tools.       In this study, it will be investigated whether the road network and intersections are able to accommodate the future traffic volume, in order to make the necessary actions such as redesigning the roads with regard to geometric and traffic considerations.  en
dc.titleCrafting Area -the Industrial Transportation Impacts of in Nablus Cityen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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