Integrated design of masjed

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Khalefa, Sharaf
Alaker, Hussam
Abo Shamleh, Saeed
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In this graduation project an integrated design of a mosque was done, mosques are places where Muslims do there devotional rituals. The idea came from the bad situation of mosques in Jinen especially and in Palestine generally. Awqaf department had provided the site used for the design and it had been selected in Jinen at Kh.Burqin. Based on the Population data in Al-Awqaf department it had shown that this location needs a mosque. The project presents an integrative design approach that involves structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, environmental aspects. In the structural design the project was analyzed and designed using computer software 3D modeling analysis (SAP) and (Etab). An important attention was given for this structural aspect to get the zero column in pray hall, also seismic analysis was considered. The architectural design will focus on selecting the shape of the mosque, and the form of the structure depending on the functionality and the environmental requirements and its relation with the Islamic heritage. Orientation which play an important part since it must be directed to Al Qibla (Kaaba) in Mecca which putting limitations in design, ablution area and it’s relation with the prayer hall and other spaces. In mechanical design the HVAC system, water system, and sanitary system was analyzed and designed. The electrical design will include designing power and lighting systems by using 3D modeling analysis (DiaLux evo). In environment design (Design builder) software was used for energy efficient and sustainable future and (Ecotect, Insul and ease focus) software for acoustic need. All design and analysis details of the project will be documented in a report. In addition, the project will deliver tender drawings, which contain all design details and can be implemented in practice. At the end, this project will provide a unique, safe, and cost effective design of a mosque in Palestine.