My Smart Eye

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Walaa Hattab
Fayrooz Tayaah
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Our project is an Android application that helps visually impaired people and makes them self-reliance by:            Quickly and easily identify and count bills. Point the camera of the mobile and take an image for the currency and the application will tell you the denomination.             This helps them to recognize the value of the currency in their life for example             While shopping, use the application to verify money while checking out or to             Ensure you are getting the right amount of change back.                          Listening to any text captured from the camera of their mobile.          Chatting with friends by using a special chatting system that allows them to send voice-messages instead of text-messages. This make the chatting be easier for them.          Learning Braille language which is a mean of reading and writing for blind and visually impaired people by typing the pattern of the character on the screen and the application will display the entered character on the screen and speak it out while the user is typing.          Knowing the current location and the nearest places around him. The application takes these information and speak them out to the user.          Allowing him to send an image to some of his friends or relatives to get a specific description about the image.          Containing a good user-friendly design for visually impaired people.
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