Safty Analysis On The Two_lan Rural Highways In The North Of West Bank

dc.contributor.authorAbdul_rahman Shabeeb
dc.contributor.authorHisham Abu Baker
dc.contributor.authorNader Dmaidi
dc.description.abstract  This study aims to analyze the safety performance, and to identify the contributing factors to crashes on Two-lane highways at the North part of the West Bank. Furthermore, this study attempts to identify the most hazardous locations in the study area and propose countermeasure on one hazarder location to improve the safety condition. To achieve the study objectives, traffic data, geometric data, crash data are essential requirement. After collecting all necessary data, the map for the study area using the Geographic Information System (GIS) will be prepared. By relating the geometric data and crash conditions, the significant influencing factors can be identified through specific statistic tests.  The previous work will open the way to identify the most hazardous location in the study area, and to design some countermeasures or treatment to reduce accidents rates, this treatment may include geometric layout adjustments, improving traffic operations and possibly using Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) or provide information to drivers to assist and alert them in avoiding risking behavior.en
dc.titleSafty Analysis On The Two_lan Rural Highways In The North Of West Banken
dc.typeGraduation Project
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