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Deeb, Ameena
Abu Mazen, ikram
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This project involves of a matrix of RGB LEDs, distributed in five rows and five columns to form a 5 X 5 Matrix, this project is able to control the RGB's color, light intensity and many other things related to the LEDs. The main goal of the RGB LEDs Matrix is to get a touchscreen, where each LED represents a square in this touchscreen. To get a sensitive touchscreen, the project consisted of lasers, where there is a laser on each column and a laser sensitive receiver to the opposite of each one of them, and five other ones on each row and a laser receiver on their opposite sides. So there are two lines of laser above each square of the touch screen if the two lasers of a square in touchscreen cut off by an object, such as a finger or a pen, the two lasers receivers of the broken lasers send information about them. So the project gets a sensitive touchscreen that can be used for many applications by sending information about each square in it individually. From the applications, that applied to the touch screen, there is a table in multiple forms and printing a moving name such as billboards, also the project consists of a Tetris game moving cubes that move from top to bottom and depending on the color of cubes , the player can put them above each other and somehow can win and achieve different scores. The project also consists of a Snake game, a snake consists of several squares trying to get a point to eat it and grow in length to get a higher score. Moreover, the most exciting addition that there are a music and effects that allows each game to become more enjoyable.