Structural Analysis and Design of Yabad Secondary School under Static and Dynamic Loads

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Ahmad Mohamad Zahalqa
Hiba Basil Isam Hasoun
Ahmad Hasan Al-Husain
Hanan Ahmad Rida Jafar
Mohammad Shtaya
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In this report, we present the details of the structural analysis and design of Ya'bad secondary school for boys.  The school is a reinforced concrete structure that consists of 3 building blocks, 3 floors each having a total area of (1082.33 m2) and is located in Jenin city. Two blocks are connected to each other and contain class rooms, while the third block includes a Gym and a Cafeteria.  In this phase of our project, and as documented in this report, we will carry analysis and design of the buildings considering  gravity and seismic loads . In phase 1 of the project , we analyze and design the structure only under gravity loads , and during  phase 2 ,we complete the analysis and design of the buildings for seismic loads. Thus, this report will show the progress we made for the analysis and design of the school buildings for both gravity and seismic .  The analysis and design process starts by basic assumptions regarding the structural systems, loading scenarios, and initial dimension of the members. The main load bearing system was considered to be made of slab on drop beams carried by columns (resembling 2D frames), with two alternatives for slabs, namely one-way ribbed and one-way solid slabs. Full 3D models are then created using SAP2000 program for each building block with the slab systems. After verifying the results of SAP2000, we set off to evaluate the capacity of individual structural members, such as slabs, beams, and columns as per ACI 318 specifications. In phase 2 , we consider ribbed slab system for all parts of the building , and give a structural detailing drawings for all elements in the structure considering seismic analysis