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Mohammad Haitham” Hinnawi
Qotayba Darawshi
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"PropertyPro" is a user-friendly mobile application designed to simplify the process of finding the right place to live. It offers a wide range of features to cater to various housing needs, making it a valuable tool for users seeking their ideal living arrangements, whether it's for a short-term stay, a long-term rental, or purchasing a property. The user can act as a property owner or buyer at the same time, if the user wants to offer his property he needs to add a description for it, also he can add pictures and videos to describe his property. The application has a search and filtering system. This allows the user to refine his property searches based on specific criteria, such as location, budget, and property type. In addition, "PropertyPro" integrates Google Maps, allowing users to visualize and explore properties in their region or anywhere they need, enhancing their property search experience. One of its standout features is "RoomieMatch," a unique tool that helps students and potential roommates find each other based on shared academic backgrounds, interests, and preferences. Moreover, the app ensures a smooth reservation process by providing availability information for rental properties. This feature helps you stay updated on property availability. Furthermore, there is a notification feature, and Chating system. Also, there is a web dashboard for the admin, he can see and manage all the users and properties in the application, also he can see statistics about revenues he got from the properties added. There is a web site also for users who want to see the properties and reserve chalets. In summary, "PropertyPro" is a user-friendly and comprehensive mobile application that simplifies property transactions and enriches the housing search experience. Whether you're a student or anyone in need of housing, this app offers a range of helpful features to assist you in finding the perfect place to live, whether it's for a short-term stay, a long-term rental, or property purchase.