Mountain Resort

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Rawajba, Souzane
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The resort hides itself in the village's most beautiful Forest, which is lying at the top of mountain. The Mountain Resort integrates the three ecological elements: forest, clouds and mountains. It’s suitable for ecological and recreational tourism , it’s aim to providing different types of accommodations in one formal concept by focusing on the landscape in three main Functions : 1-Public Area. 2-Chalets . 3-Elevated Walkway . I decided to amplify the sensation of “natural wilderness” by creating an extensive 360° panoramic view effect. To produce an omnipresent and vast field of vision, I planted open rectangular terraces of different sizes with mountain-like features between the original structures, achieving both functional requirements and a new layout for the whole project. After resetting the main construction elements, I carried out a new connection plan for the different buildings in the area. By correlating curved and straight lines with high and low elements on corridors placed between the original buildings, the formerly isolated units became interconnected as a whole. Such corridors are also present on the platforms and various functional areas as traffic directors, even on vertical levels, to maximize the field of vision of all visitors. To soften the linear and squared spatial composition, the plank roads on the platforms were built following a soft curved design, creating meandering corridors with figures as soft as clouds in the sky. In this way, terraces, viewing platforms and wooden plank roads were integrated into a vast tour system, optimizing the interaction between space and landscape, while reflecting the design philosophy of “mutual creation between form and emptiness” Regarding materials, I used local elements such as firewood, pebble stone and wood to transform the buildings of the project In fact, the project implies more than a combination of architecture and nature, as it stands for a dialogue between man and nature, and the integration of culture, tourism and residence into a single concept. The project consists of 3 areas: the public area which contains Hostel, workshops, sauna, yoga, cafe and restaurant, . The private area consists of individual and family chalet houses which are distributed taking into considering the contour lines and the Stunning views and there is a walking area hanging among the forest trees .