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mahmoud omar
mahmoud qasarwa
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In our project we look at the reality of life and search for the most marginalized groups which need serious attitudes to help them and work for them and we found that the more groups that deserve assistance are a class of blindness.We want to develop a plan or proposal to try to help the blind category, through the development of hypotheses to try to raise the critical for the blind and try to invent a device that outputs papers printed in Braille.Braille Printer (bp) will print the texts from computer or from flash memory, the principle of operation of the device is to convert each letter of the alphabet character to its corresponding Braille letter that will be printed on a special paper using a needle moved by solenoid which is mounted on a carriage moved horizontally by means of linear bearing and actuated by stepper motor.When you start the printing process, paper will pulled by rod which connected to DC motor until the paper reaches to the appropriate location to start the process of printing ,after that Raspberry Pi will start reading the text character by character .Raspberry Pi will deal with the paper as a main matrix that is divided into secondary matrices each of them consists of three rows and two columns. Raspberry Pi then begin the process of packing for these matrices zeroes and ones to produce the form of the letters in Braille, each secondary matrix represent one letter of braille language, after that Raspberry Pi will send commands to stepper motor to move to the suitable place and to solenoid to strike the paper (ones mean strike and zero means do nothing). When we want to move from line to another Raspberry Pi will send a command to the DC motor which is connect by rod to move.In this project we made a plan of Braille printer that does not need any extra program that will be installed in computer and receive data from flash memories and computers too,  the printer enable receiving files (Pdf ,text, and document) and convert it to Braille language by convert each letter  or character to a specific movement of stepper motor that hold needle carried by solenoid the printing will be effective and fast depending on the speed of solenoid and stepper motors.In the future, we will work to make the printer smaller and easy for any person to get it. We can also make the printing process more fast that will print a whole document such as the ordinary printer print.