Technology road mapping application in Palestine pharmaceutical industry

dc.contributor.authorNoor barham
dc.contributor.authorMaysa` Darawsheh
dc.contributor.authorHazar Ashoor
dc.contributor.authorRawand khudairi
dc.description.abstractAbstract     Technology road mapping is a useful technology-planning tool in an increasingly competitive environment, for a successful technology roadmapping process, it is critical to identify why you are doing the roadmapping and how it will be used. Technology roadmapping is particularly useful for coordinating the development of multiple technologies, especially across multiple projects. This coordination is critical when dealing with technologies that are related to a corporation's core competences. The information about and analysis of needs and technology alternatives is far more important than following a precise process and format. In summary, technology roadmapping is a valuable process if done for the right reasons, but it should not be undertaken lightly or without good justification. Technology roadmapping is the result of the strategic technology planning process. That identifies industry's common product and process performance targets, the technology alternatives for meeting these targets and common technology path for research and development activities. The industrial sector which has been chosen for applying technology roadmapping are pharmaceutical industries for many reasons which rely on their interests in new teaches to support product  development and manufacturing process in order to meet market requirements. These technologies can be new to the industry, which need a lot of information, and assumption to help company`s choose the best technology for achieving competitive advantage. The result of this project was a documented case study that has demonstrated the application of TRM in real scenario. Moreover, an evaluate study was reported for the current practices of TRM in pharmaceutical industry in Palestine.  en
dc.titleTechnology road mapping application in Palestine pharmaceutical industryen
dc.typeGraduation Project
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