Filling Machine

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Dweikat, Talal
Qadi, Jafar
Saleh, Hosny
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The main object of filling machine is to fill the different types of bottles and galloons. The process starts when the machine provides the conveyor belt with specific number of bottles and arrange them in order to make them ready for the filling process, after that, the bottles will be filled and the conveyor belt will get them out and the process will start again automatically. Electrical, electronic, mechanical and control systems are to be used. Filling machine is consisted of: • Electric part: AC motor. • Electrical (electronic) sensors: these sensors control the logical operations and give commands to the machine. • Transmission Conveyor • Operating panel or control system. Control system: The control system for this product is designed through traditional control circles or the use of the software system such as Arduino or PLC to make the process more accurate, faster and easier than the manual way to fill the bottles. The main advantage of this project is that we can make the maintenance for the machine locally in easy way and reducing its cost.