Steam Turbine power plant

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Anas hawawreh
Izaldeen Shahroor
Anas Sadaqah
Rahmeh Daraghmh
Murad Baniodeh
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The project is a work of designing a new source of power for generating electricity may be a good alternative to existing sources.... so it is a very high effectiveness, and whether progress is happening on the economic, environmental and service level as well, in addition over 35% of electrical energy demands are generated by steam turbine .The project aims mainly to find an alternative for the production and generation of electricity with a high capacity and effectiveness of more compared to sources other, and also be a source of essential energy less than the economic terms of the costs, and also less damage and contamination of the environment, an environmental hand, in addition to the advancement and progress of society to the best position in all respects, especially technological..Through this project will be to work on a limited model of size and space, the project would accept a small and limited equipment enough to work this model and also limited in size and shape input .. This whole in order to study the project and the study of what will be the results achieved through the work.. Will the results match what is status and its preparation, where Tank will be limited to a small-sized pump and boiler and turbine of limited size and the capacitor, to meet the request Model, And then compare the results with what has to prepare for it, and if the success of this project is starting to apply to a wider extent, so as to include the areas of equipment and more and bigger, always to reach the desired goal. As one of the main and fundamental objectives involved in the work on the project, is to focus on Target category of the project that will benefit or to be used for the project and will return them of the benefits, the project will work on all delusional levels to be very effective and try to reduce the faults problems that were suffering including current generator, The most important point of an economic sense, one of the cornerstones of the project , which has been focused on since the beginning of the project The project will work to reduce costs compared to existing generators, through the control of input costs where the project will be input with less cost compared to those generators, Also in terms of maintenance costs would be not expensive, also costs the user will be much less, Also the environmental aspect, which is also considered one of the very important aspects in terms of the safety of the environment and that have a significant impact on the population, where the project will reduce pollution of the environment and this will have a role in reducing the chronic diseases that are caused by a head of environmental pollution and the resulting residue, In addition there will be a project and use