A conceptual framework for the development of core-set of Hazardous waste management indicators

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Sinokrot, Iman
Sbitany, Maram
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Many of the materials used or produced in the Palestinian chemical processes possess hazardous properties. As such, they require appropriate management throughout their lifecycle to minimize adverse effects on public health and the environment. In this project, Hazardous Waste (HZW) Indicators were formulated in order to assist decision makers in building an environmentally sound management plans and decisions leading to effective management of HZW. Therefore, three industrial sectors are chosen to build a conceptual framework for the development of HZW indicators, and to recommend a proper hazardous waste management (HZM) strategy. Specifically, these are pharmaceutical, dry cleaning, and universities sectors. Field observations, data collection and interviews were carried out in order to collect data related to hazardous waste in these sectors. By analyzing data, it was found that the management strategies in the three targeted sectors are not completely adapted in order to minimize the risks of the HZW, Therefore a HZM strategy has been recommended in order to reduce HZW in the first place, and then disposed of in the right way.