Prestressed Design Of Blue Sparkler Hotel

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Ahmad Abu Farha
Ahmad Marei
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we are up to design a structure which is hotel  . We choose this project , because of the variance of its structural elements and the appearance of water tanks, and residential apartment .    The name of hotel is Blue Sparkler Hotel which is proposed to be in Palestine and particularly in Nablus city, Rafidia .The hotel consists of 10 stories + roof,  with an average height of 3.8 meters/ storey except the ground and basement  floors which have 4.5 and 3 meters height respectively. The overall area of this hotel is (5703) meters square.  The basement floor includes parking with 31car parks. The ground floor includes 9 car park, 2 water tank, office, ladies saloon. The mezzanine floor includes restaurant. The remain floors includes residential departments.   This project presents the general procedures of pre- stressed concrete design which supposed to be post - tensioned slab design, by applying these procedures and learning other methods to finish the totally new design.    The structural model of the hotel will be analyzed and designed as three dimensional structures by using design software, and Practical structural drawing will be introduced, several structural elements of Blue Sparkler Hotel will be designed according to ACI-Code specifications.